Hair styling. Magic of Curls


language ENGLISH

duration 02 h 50 m


Voluminous, strong curls without backcombing/teasing or crimping, even the largest length.

Are you dreaming of magnificent curls and a large volume? But your clients are afraid of teasing or crimping…

I know everything about curls. And in this lesson I honestly share all the secrets. You even didn’t think that everything is so simple. Anyone with any level of training can master the skills.

I will tell about hair preparation. This is the most important step. Skipping this particular step, you are making a gross mistake.

Next, let’s talk about the tools and the right temperature to create strong curls.

We are finishing  with a hair fixation. Millions of brands and varnishes. But many do not hold hair and make dust. As a result, the styling is untidy.

I will tell you which styling products are ideal for finishing fixation.


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